Wasteland Plant Magnificent

A sculpture in honor of the wild plants of Nova Brunnen, 2022

by Piero Good

Wasteland Plant Magnificent is a multi-part work.

Part 1

The site of Piero Good's diploma exhibition is the remains of an abandoned cement factory in Brunnen SZ. There is a huge wasteland between the empty buildings. 

In the fall, we collected seeds from the plants on the fallow land - seeds from wild teasel, water aster, wild carrot and many more. 

The seeds sown in spring are used to grow seedlings. This takes place in a sculpture built especially for this purpose, on which each little plant has its own place. It serves to honor the wild plants of Nova Brunnen.  

During the exhibition, visitors are invited to walk around the sculpture and choose a seedling, take it home and give it a new place to live.  

The aim is to promote appreciation of plants - even those with no obvious benefit to us humans. The motivation for this is not just our own fascination with plants, but the perhaps naïve but serious glimmer of hope that a deeper connection with plants - and also with other more-than-human species - will weaken the egoistic, anthropocentric approach to the environment and thus make a future for all possible. 

Part 2

The plants in new places